A bike-themed corn maze on Sauvie Island

[Updated 10/10, 3:47pm]

Check out the design of this year’s corn “maize” at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island…

(Photo: PortlandMaze.com)

The maze is open through the end of October. More details at PortlandMaze.com.

I think a group ride out there is definitely in order…anyone want to volunteer to lead it?

[Via the Shift list]


UPDATE: Looks like someone from the Shift email list has stepped up to lead a ride this Saturday! Join in for the fun if you can. Here are the details…

    Saturday weather: Areas of fog before 11am. Otherwise, partly sunny, with a high near 60.

    Since this may be the last Saturday without rain, lets meet at the Peninsula Park Gazebo (N of the Rose Garden) at 11:00. Bike riders get $1.00 off admission to the maze. Bring trailers for goodies from the farm market. Since some of the ride is along Hwy 30, if any kids come along I’d recommend a trailer or tagalong. We’ll cross the St John’s Bridge. I’ll be towing a kid (Aurelia) and a cargo trailer so the pace will be moderate.

    Another advantage to going early Oct is that maze is in good shape–less shortcuts made by rowdies. Bring some mud boots/shoes.

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RyNO Dan
RyNO Dan
15 years ago

It\’s penny-rific

15 years ago

Can you ride your bike through the maze?

15 years ago

No bikes in the maze. It wouldn\’t be fun anyway the maze is something to savor…