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BTA expects largest Bike Commute Challenge ever

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Bike commuters on the
Hawthorne Bridge.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)

The BTA’s eighth annual Bike Commute Challenge starts tomorrow, offering participants who work weekends an opportunity to get an early jump on the competition.

The statewide event pits companies against each other and they compete based on percentage of possible trips taken by bike, (not mileage). Each company registers online, and winners from are chosen from different categories based on their number of employees.

Last year, 6,000 people from 550 companies “competed” in the Challenge and this year, the BTA’s Events and Outreach Director Michelle Poyourow says she hopes for 7,000 people and 600 companies to participate.[Read more…]

Shift gets “Light a Fire” award from Portland Monthly

Friday, August 31st, 2007
Pedalpalooza '07 - Kickoff Parade

The spirit of Shift.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)

Shift — the bike-fun loving group that bring us Breakfast on the Bridges, Bike Moves, PedalPalooza, and more — has been chosen to receive a “Light a Fire” award from Portland Monthly Magazine.

Editor-in-Chief Ted Katzaukas (who happens to be a daily bike commuter) says Shift won in the “Having Fun” category.

On the phone yesterday he explained why they were chosen,

“They were chosen because they’re an organization that encourages people to get out and enjoy the city on a bike…and most importantly because they encourage us to have fun and make the most of the city.”

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B:C:Clettes spread the love at the Clown House

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.[Read more…]

Updated: Motorhome-biker shares his story

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

[NOTE: This post has been updated since last night. Please hit your “refresh” button to make sure you are seeing the full story.]

brian camper bike-2

(Photos by Jonathan Maus)

Like most of you who read the story about how the famous motorhome-bike was destroyed Wednesday night, I instantly assumed it was the work of vandals.

But as the day wore on, evidence mounted that the bike’s creator, Brian, might have done it himself: a commenter who has spent time with him said he’d been wanting to “trash it and start from scratch”; Ayleen Crotty reported that he needed help with repairs; and Jonathon Severdia, who wrote an article about Brian for WorldChanging called to tell me he wouldn’t be surprised if Brian did it.
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Time to get ready for cyclocross season!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007
Twilight Criterium 2007-39

Erik Tonkin’s popular cyclocross
clinics start next week.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)

With the Portland-area road racing season all but over, the buzz about ‘cross season is coming on strong.

Local ‘cross lovers can be found any night of the week honing their skills in parks around the city. Last night, I saw a guy practicing dismounts and run-ups on the stairs at Peninsula Park.

Thanks in part to the Cross Crusade — which got noticed by the NY Times last year — Portland has one of the wildest and most fun cyclocross scenes anywhere in the country. Don’t believe me? Check out my past coverage and photos of all the action.
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KGW corrects misleading part of road rage story

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

A commenter just pointed out that, in response to concern from the community, KGW has published a correction in one of their stories about the road rage incident on SE Clinton Street on August 17th.

In two recent posts, I pointed out my concern that KGW’s story was perpetuating the incorrect notion that cyclist Ben Ramsdell kicked the driver’s car before the collision. In reality, this is merely a claim made by the driver (who faces four counts of felony assault). When I followed up with a Police spokesman about it, they told me their investigators found it not to be true.

Here is the original version of their story that I found misleading:

Police say the driver, Johnny Eschweiler, had road rage and deliberately hit a different bicyclist who kicked his car.”

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Mystery Movie Ride

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

A casual monthly sunset bicycle ride to a secret cinema screening under the stars.

The event takes place on the last Friday of the month and meets at Friendship Circle, located at the West side of the Steel Bridge. Bring some friends, snacks, drinks, and a blanket.

August’s screening will include selected shorts, as well as two features:

Nausicaa: Valley of the Winds

Spectres of the Spectrum

Beloved motorhome bike “torn to shambles” in NE Portland

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Brian and his motorhome-bike
before vandals destroyed it (see below).
(Photo: Bob Crispin)

Last November, I shared photos and the story of an amazing character making his home on the streets of Portland.

His name is Brian and he lives in a bicycle that he expertly engineered into a human-powered bicycle Winnebago. According to reports, he has been pedaling this unique vehicle all over the world for over three decades.[Read more…]

Cyclists take to new 10-foot wide bike lane

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Cyclists now have more room to pass on the approach to the Hawthorne Bridge due to a newly installed ten-foot wide bike lane (faded stripe is the old lane).
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)

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Stolen Trek 820 Antelope

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Trek Mountain Bike, Black, Front bike bag, rear bike bag holder, Purple lettering, Big Nobby tires, 16 year old bike

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