Share the Road license plate bill passes

The BTA’s man in Salem, Scott Bricker, has an update on the Share the Road license plate bill:

“The Share the Road license plate bill passed the Oregon House on Friday, meaning that SB 789 is off to the Governor’s Desk.

This bill creates a new license plate that will be designed to encourage people to share the road. The bill states that each plate will cost $5 per year of registration at the time of purchase. So if you are re-registering your car and buy two plates, it would cost $20 (2 plates for two years.) On your new car if would be $40 extra, 2 plates for four years. You will not have to pay again when you register your car in out years.”

According to the bill, proceeds from the new plate will be split into two accounts that will be, “designated by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Cycle Oregon.”

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Todd Boulanger
Todd Boulanger
15 years ago

Congrats to Oregon! and the BTA for their hard work on this issue.

Transportation Services
City of Vancouver

Disco D
Disco D
15 years ago

Any mention on how the art work process for the plate is going to be handled? I wasn\’t having any luck with the link…

Scott Bricker, BTA
15 years ago

The BTA and Cycle Oreogn are named on the bill. I\’m guessing the 2 groups will appoint a committee accompanied by countless bureaucrats.