Stolen Nishiki mixte mountain

mixte bicycle with 2″ slicks on it. The paint job is custom, there’s no head badge visible anymore.
It has brazeons for canteliver brakes. NOTE: the rear brake cantilevers are now on the mixte tubes. This is a custom modification. they were originally on the seatstay tubes.
Also, bicycle has an Ideal leather saddle, Campy Tippo hubs, bullhorn one-piece handlebars, and Jandd racks front and rear.
And yes, it was unlocked on my front porch. Which is NOT visible from the sidewalk.
This is (almost) the one-year anniversary of the theft of my bike. I am not “holding my breath” in anticipation of the return of my ride. However I recently found out about this site so I’m listing my bike loss.
I have never seen another mixte bike that fits mountain bike size tires.

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