Vancouver boy in critical condition after hit and run

[Recovered from the scene]
Photo: Vancouver PD

Our friends to the North need our help in finding a vehicle that was involved with a hit-and-run yesterday. The victim is a seven year-old boy and the accident happened in the 3700 block of NE 132nd Ave in Vancouver, just east of I-205.

According to official reports there were no apparent witnesses to the collision and the victim was only able to provide minimal information to officers.

Based on the mirror, Investigators have determined that it came from a 2000-2004 Nissan Frontier or Xterra, possibly yellow in color.

Anyone with information on this case or who sees a vehicle matching this description with matching damage (this includes body shops who may have a vehicle coming in for repair) is asked to call the Vancouver Traffic Ofc. Jim White at (360) 696-8292 ext. 3271.

Contact Info: Kim Kapp, Vancouver Police Department Public Information
Coordinator, (360) 772-2364.

More info and photos on this story from local media:

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Matt P.
16 years ago

Saw this in the Oregonian this morning – this is truly tragic, and illustrates perfectly the need for driver education and cyclist education (especially the need for helmets – the Oregonian story stated the boy was helmetless). I hope that the boy recovers quickly and fully. Does anyone know if donations are being taken for the family?

16 years ago

I hope there’s a *VERY* special level of hell waiting for this person!

16 years ago

We actually don’t know who was at fault for the accident. It could have been the rider, or the driver. However, the driver is guilty of leaving the scene of the accident.

16 years ago

I hope that driver is suffering some serious guilt.

West Cougar mentioned this on another comment, but:
“Can’t the DMV run a database query for that make/model/color and narrow it down?” Hmm, I guess that would still take alot of work to visit each owner, and who know if that is legal?

The more people that hear about this case the more likely it is that the automobile will be found. Several hit-n-run drivers were found last year because so many people had their eyes open.

16 years ago

“It wasn’t ‘MY FAULT’ it was the road, the sun was in my eyes, I couldn’t see him, he ran in front of me…”
Nobody wants to do anything about such issues, because drivers (all drivers) are in some way aware of the danger they pose, and they don’t want to be faced with the possibility of jail. So it’s much easier to let someone get away with murder than to risk the chance that they might be prosecuted.
This is also a sad example of the self rienforcing situation which exists in the suburbs. Nobody feels safe walking on the streets, and therefore nobody sees a collision like this, and because of the collisions nobody feels safe walking on the streets.

Todd Boulanger
Todd Boulanger
16 years ago

Jonathan (and others),

I wish to thank you all for the coverage of this situation and the help in searching for the vehicle (and ultimately the driver) involved with this hit-and-run.

Todd Boulanger
Senior Transportation Planner
City of Vancouver

Todd Boulanger
Todd Boulanger
16 years ago

There is an update to this story last week, THE COLUMBIAN reported on 15 Sept.:

STEPHANIE RICE, Columbian staff writer
September 15, 2006; Page a1
Section: Crime
Article ID: 2006258034 — 561 words

A teenage driver who allegedly struck 7-year-old bicyclist Trevor Wagner, then left the scene, will face felony charges.

“Aleksandr O. Kutyrev, 15, was summoned Thursday to appear Sept. 27 in Clark County Juvenile Court. Kutyrev faces felony charges of hit-and-run and second-degree taking a vehicle without permission. He will also be charged with driving without a valid license, a misdemeanor.”

His younger brother was charged too.