Stolen: Cannondale Volvo MTB

I had my bike stolen on Sunday, after Bridge Pedal.

I had my bike chained up to the Fire Dept. fence next to Saturday Market. It was stolen between 12 and 2 by someone with bolt cutters. It was cable locked to the fence as the inside bike of 3 bikes. I had u-locked the outer 2 bikes. The hasp was cut.

My bike is Red with yellow decals, Cannondale. It is a Volvo edition.

It has pale Red anodized aluminum pedal cranks. I has a yellow Scwinn computer on the handlebars. Also on the handlebar is a brass onion dome bell. It has a plastic yellow bottle cage. It has a rear rack which attaches to the seat post. The mono shock has been replaced by a black twin shock.

They also took a black and gray helmet.

I do not have the registration #.

I bought this bike used and have babied it. I would love to get it back. It has been the best bike I have ever owned.

Thank you,

Vincent Alvarez

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