Stolen: White Peugeot SS

Had my bike stolen on NE Multinomah Sunday night, August 13th. By the
dead end that leads to Fred Meyer.

It was a white peugeot single speed road bike with blue lettering and
lines. The break cables were routed in the body, it was changed into a
single speed, free wheel – not fixed. The lower bracket/bearings were
starting to click a bit, there was (will probably be removed for sale)
a veloshop sticker on the bar coming straight down from the seat, on
the frame. The sticker was covering the only real rust spot on the
frame. It also has three light holsters, all were empty (again maybe
removed for sale..) two on the front, one on the back. Black handle
bar tape, no handle caps.

I want to say that the break cables were blue, I’m sure they were, but
I’ve strangely forgotten.

That’s all I can describe – Um please get in touch if there’s sign of
it. It’s how I get around everyday, all day. And I’m broke.

onomatolabel AT gmail dot com

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