Stolen: Co-Motion track bike

I was on my way to my car tonight to go race at the track and when I got
to my car someone had broken into it (smashed the window with a piece
of concrete), opened the trunk and stole my track bike (Custom Silver
Co-Motion TT with blue panels, a Zipp disc and FSA RD-488 front

So please keep an eye out and ears peeled for any info about it.; i.e.
some crackhead trying to sell a fancy bike for $200, and let me or the
police know. There is a police report # – 06-325898.

Thanks a lot and let me know if you see or hear anything.

My contact info is;

H (206) 525-5002
W (206) 770-7779 x 126
C (206) 920-8341

Work e-mail is;

Home e-mail is;

Thanks again all!

Brian Griffith

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