Put Pedalpalooza in your pocket

wallet-sized Pedalpalooza calendar

[My Pedalpalooza calendar.]

Are you having trouble keeping track of all the Pedalpalooza events? With 140 rides happening in just over two weeks, it can be tough staying on top of it all.

I thought it would be cool to have a tiny version of the calendar I could just keep in my wallet.

To create one, I used a nifty online tool called PocketMod. It’s a utility that converts PDF files into a format that allows you to make tiny little booklets.

I posted about this service back in January when I encouraged everyone to make a wallet-sized crash checklist.

My Pedalpalooza Calendar

To make one for yourself, use this custom PDF file. I’ve already tweaked the formatting and had Shift calendar-master Steve K. format the listings without their full descriptions (otherwise the booklet is too thick for standard staples).

Here’s how to make yours:

Happy Pedalpalooza!

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    16 years ago

    too cool. i love anything that fits into pockets.

    16 years ago

    this reminds me, every year I think, man I should have a pedalpalooza passport, where I can record all the rides & events I attended. Maybe I’ll plan a passport making party next year.

    This year I’m really making the effort to attend at least one event per day, So far so good! See you at pad thai.

    16 years ago

    Should this be printed single-sided or double-sided???

    Adams Carroll (News Intern)
    16 years ago

    Print it one-sided. The file has already been saved using the PocketMod utility so it’s all ready to go.

    16 years ago

    That was probably the most difficult thing I’ll do all day.

    16 years ago

    I had to finish my morning coffee before I was able to attempt folding this thing. It’s very helpful, thanks!