Bikes and pipe bombs

My bike is a pipe bomb

[Not a pipe bomb]

There’s a ridiculous but true story circulating on the web. The title alone is enough for a laugh: “Bike Band Sticker Causes Bomb Scare.”

It reminded me of a cute little bike I saw downtown last October. I loved the juxtaposition of the little blue birdie and the “This bike is a pipe bomb” sticker.

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16 years ago

Hi Jonathan. I tried to email you back but your inbox is full (atleast, that was what the bounced-back mail told me), you popular-guy, you. Let me know when there’s room in there and I’ll send the email again. 🙂

16 years ago

The bomb squad took the guy’s bike apart with the jaws-of-life!

Matt Picio
16 years ago

There was an email just posted to the Shift list about someone local who a Tri-Met driver refused to let on the bus because his bike had this band’s sticker on the frame.

Also, in a postscript to the original story, the Michigan individual who owns the bike was charged with an “inciting” misdemeanor and has a court date set for next month.