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Mini Bike Winter – Opening Ceremonies

Posted by on February 15th, 2008 at 11:54 am

8:00pm, meet Colonel Summers Park, Se 20th & Belmont

Dance Party in the Park

9:00pm, Torch Ride!

A brightly-lit ride to the Pyle. Bring your blinky shit, and/or your flaming shit. Start location: Col. Summers | Destination: The Pyle ( sw 10th & oak). All bicyclists of Portland are invited, with as much bright light and/or fire on their bikes as they can muster. Be prepared to light the city with your hot glowing ass.

9:30pm, Zoobomb Badass Challenge

What: ride/get to top of the goddamn hill without engine or max or mini-bike towline. . Winner lights torch at top of hill. With lighters and maps provided. Only Badasses need apply. 18″ wheels or smaller, singlespeed, to enter.

the prize= The Official Mini-Bike-Winter Olympic Torch, to be proudly displayed all through MBW weekend events, and… something cool from Veloce Bikes!!
11:30pm, Family Bomb
first ride down the hill: everyone down except medics, corkers and racers!

11:40pm, 12″ Bomb
very simple= 12 average wheel size, single speed.

the prize= a bitchin’ trophy, and…a $25 gift certificate to Bike Gallery!!

11:50pm, Skate Bomb
Skate the zoobomb hill. Prizes, trophies, glory

12:00am, Gravity Race

Safety Gear:
Full face helmets are mandatory. This is for your own protection.
Racing leathers are suggested, but not mandatory.
Full finger gloves are mandatory. Leather is highly suggested.
Knee Pads, elbow pads are suggested, but not mandatory.

Gravity Bike Specifications:
Max bike weight of 75lbs. Max combines weight of bike and rider 300lbs.
Max wheelbase, axel to axel of 50 inches.
Fairings are not allowed.
Wheels cannot exceed 20″

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