NY Times says: Bring a bike when you visit Portland, in any weather

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

“Visitors will find that special bike-crossing signals and bike lanes highlighted in bright green help to guide traffic in the most complicated intersections. Breaking up a ride with a stop at a cafe or a pub adds to the pleasure.” – Matt Furber, New York Times

Portland’s bike-friendliness earned prominent billing in the Escapes section of today’s New York Times. An article called “Portland, Portland Style: Touring by Bicycle” encourages travelers to bring their bikes to Portland to see the city the way locals do.

The article extensively quotes Roger Geller, the city’s bicycle coordinator, discussing the “exponential” growth in the number of people on bikes in recent years, and saying that the city’s “goal is to become a world class bicycling city.”

Unlike many bike-oriented travel articles that focus on renting a cruiser for a summer jaunt down Waterfront Park and back along the Eastbank Esplanade before heading to a fancy downtown restaurant, this piece focuses on citywide infrastructure, amenities and destinations.

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