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Two years after being listed as ‘dangerous,’ Broadway/Williams fix languishes

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NE Broadway and Williams-1.jpg

The Broadway/Williams intersection is in
dire need of improvements.

[Adams Carroll contributed reporting to this story.]

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation has known for years that the intersection of NE Broadway and Williams is one of the most dangerous in the city for bike traffic. Significant plans to improve the intersection were drawn up over a year ago, but PBOT has yet to implement them.

After two Portlanders died while riding in bike lanes in October 2007, PBOT put the intersection on its list of 14 to get a green-painted bike box. When a fix turned out to be more complicated than a standard bike box, PBOT went back to the drawing board. In March 2008 they unveiled several possible design solutions including separate traffic signal phases for bicycles, lane reconfigurations, and new pavement markings.[Read more…]

Guest Article: Two rights don’t make a right

Jessica Roberts by on November 18th, 2008 at 2:29 pm

Jessica Roberts
(Photo © J. Maus)

This article was written by Jessica Roberts. Jessica is the former metro area advocate for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and she is now a planner with Alta Planning and Design, one of the nation’s premier bike and pedestrian planning firms.

Jessica previously wrote about how to get letters published in newspapers.

In the article below, Jessica offers her perspective and gives us a bit of historical context for the infamous Broadway/Williams intersection, which PDOT is currently working to improve.

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Bike-only signal eyed as solution at Broadway/Williams

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NE Broadway and Williams-4.jpg

PDOT is working on safety improvements
at the Broadway/Williams intersection.
(Photo © J. Maus)

This is the preliminary plan for Broadway Williams that was presented at the Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting last night.[Read more…]

Following collision, PDOT puts Broadway/Williams back into play

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BAC meeting - October-6

PDOT’s Rob Burchfield and Matthew
Machado presented ideas for changes to
the dangerous the Broadway/Williams
intersection last night.
(Photos � J. Maus)

The Office of Transportation has struggled for years to figure out how to safely manage bike and car traffic flow at the intersection of Broadway and Williams.

Following two fatalities due to right-hooks last fall, PDOT placed the intersection on a list of the 14 most dangerous in the city and initially planned to install a bike box. However, after further study of the intersection, it was determined that a bike box would not be a good solution at this location.[Read more…]

Right-hook crash at Broadway/Williams

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Image of the scene.
(Photo: Carl Larson)

At around 5:00pm yesterday evening, there was a right-hook crash involving a bike and a truck at the intersection of Broadway and Williams in Northeast Portland (Map).

According to the Police Bureau’s assistant PIO Greg Pashley, a woman riding a bicycle was struck by a “short panel truck” and was transported to Emanuel Hospital. Pashley said the woman ended up underneath the truck after she was hit, but luckily, there was no serious trauma involved.[Read more…]

PDOT ponders fix for dangerous intersection

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NE Broadway and Williams-4.jpg

NE Broadway looking west across Williams.
(Photos © J. Maus)

The intersection of NE Broadway and N Williams is notorious among many Portlanders.

The intersection (view on Google Maps) is a high-volume, high-speed, five-lane, one-way thoroughfare with a bike lane sandwiched between two right-turn lanes (one is also a through lane). That makes it bad enough, but several other factors make it even more of a nightmare;[Read more…]

Report from the bike safety meeting and press conference

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bike safety meeting and press conference-12.jpg

A large crowd in City Hall.
Slideshow below
(Photos © Jonathan Maus)

Just four days after the second fatal bicycle crash in as many weeks, City Commissioner Sam Adams called together an “emergency meeting” to discuss the issues and brainstorm solutions to improve bike safety in our city. Following the meeting was a press conference that was jam-packed with concerned citizens and the local media.

Around the table of the closed-door session were close to thirty people from a variety of backgrounds. Below is a partial list of attendees:
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Injured cyclist needs witnesses

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[Click for large view of crash scene.
Image by Timo Forsberg.]

At around 7:00AM last Monday morning Justin Isle was riding in the bike lane on his way to work, heading westbound on NE Broadway. As he approached N Williams Avenue and the I-5 onramp (right near the Shell station) he was struck by a car.

He now has two compression fractures in his back and no witnesses to help with his case.
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