Riding Seattle’s first Emerald City ride: new Hwy 520 floating bridge, express lanes

Friend @kitchen and I took the train to Seattle for the first annual Emerald City ride. CBC puts on good events, and getting the opportunity to ride the new SR520 floating bridge and the I-5 Express Lanes was pretty special.

Here’s a short “highlights” video:


And here’s the longer video.


I was delighted to see this bike infrastructure in the South Lake Union area, not surprisingly, since that area is under massive development. The position of the lane reminded me of our South Waterfront area, and the “leaning rail” is a nice touch.

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Todd Boulanger
7 years ago

Thanks for making the trip and sharing your pics too.

Kiel Johnson / Go By Bike
kiel johnson
7 years ago

they have a bike railing!?!>!?!