Job: E-Bike Mechanic – The eBike Store

Job Title
eBike Mechanic

The eBike Store

Job Description
We are looking for a bicycle mechanic who has at least 5 years wrenching experience to join our team.

You don’t have to have electrical experience – we can teach you that. Our team is driven by a love for learning, so we are looking for someone who truly enjoys jumping into things they have not mastered figuring out what makes them work… (However, for this position, we are looking for folks who want to be part of our rapidly developing market segment. Problem solving is our bag.)

Essential for the position is great customer skills: from talking customers through mechanical issues with their bike to selling bikes or kits, about 15% of the position will involve direct customer interaction.

Time Management is crucial.

Position is part time to start and may grow to full time as it develops.

Wages depend on experience. We are looking for an experienced mechanic and are willing to pay for the skill you bring to the table.

How to Apply

please contact Wake at