Red/white/black Raleigh M80 2002

Year: 2002
Brand: Raleigh
Model: M80
Serial: U17K33976
Stolen in Portland, OR 97215
Stolen From: The bike was stolen from a storage shed in the backyard of the house I live in. It’s located in the vicinity of Division and 82nd (Go figure). The back yard is totally enclosed by a ~7ft fence. The house next to us is for sale and vacant. I’ve called the cops numerous times to have them kick people out who are camped in the neighboring backyard. If you live next to a vacant house I suggest you secure your stuff as best you can; they are perfect cover for thieves. The view from the street to where they hopped the fence is completely obstructed by an overgrown lawn.
Neighborhood: SE Tabor
Owner: Matthew Gardner
OwnerEmail: mgard80(A T)
Description: The area around the head tube is red, the top and down tubes are mostly white, and the seat tube and stays are black. The fork is a black 2001 RockShox Judy XC. This bike is in great condition. There was an area on one of the seat stays where the paint was scratched away from using a trunk rack At the time it was stolen there was an REI pack attached to the seat. The seat post is etched with a ring for my height.
Police record with: PPD
Police reference#: 14-46108
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

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