BikePortland Podcast: The real estate episode

Posted by on September 27th, 2013 at 2:07 pm

The monthly Portland Afoot/BikePortland Podcast is ready just in time for the weekend.

This month our podcast producer and resident transportation wonk Lily Karabaic and BikePortland News Editor Michael Andersen sat down to talk about the intersection of real estate and bicycling (unfortunately, due to a slower-than-expected recovery from a bad spill I took on my road bike, I didn’t make it to this month’s recording session). As Michael’s Real Estate Beat column has proven, how we approach housing and commercial development can have a significant impact on our city and our transportation choices. And in Portland, bicycling is at the center of this issue as we try to achieve our ridership goals and spread the benefits of change equally across all communities and income levels.

In this month’s podcast, Michael and Lily touch on several topics including:

  • How the bike-friendly Green Zebra Grocery store is the future of 20-minute neighborhood retail;
  • The connection between Portland’s bike-friendly housing/neighborhood commercial development boom and economic equity;
  • Whether or not the presence of bikeways leads to higher retail sales and higher rents, and why studies that try to address the issue should be used with caution;
  • and more!

It’s an informative 27 minutes that are well worth listening to.

Find more episodes and all the subscription links at

— This is our second month in a new podcast format where we tackle one general topic for the entire half-hour instead of providing you with commentary and recaps of the latest news. We’d love to hear your feedback and your ideas for future show topics. Drop us a line!

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Trying to find this on itunes. Is this located in some other place that I can download to my iphone? Thanks!

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

oops… sorry fiets503, I forgot the links!

iTunes store
direct link


Thank You!

Anne Hawley
Anne Hawley

I recently found out about this podcast and have listened to all the episodes so far. It’s informative and enjoyable, and improving all the time. I want to congratulate Michael and Lillian on a great job!

Hart Noecker

It’s disappointing to listen a conversation about bikenomics without once hearing reference to terms like ‘food security’, or at the very least ‘capitalism’, even in the broadest sense.

It would be a rad, rad thing to hear the Podcast embrace the concerns and language of our city’s housing justice community, and even more, to connect and speak directly with groups like HIFE and We Are Oregon about how to build a holistic system of TOD and true equitable livability.