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Job: Citybikes Apprentice – Citybikes Cooperative

Posted by on October 12th, 2012 at 8:39 am

Sorry, this position has been filled.

Job Title
Citybikes Apprentice

Citybikes Cooperative

Job Description
What is it?
A way for a cyclist to graduate to a mechanic. Apprentices start in December with once a week Sunday night classes running through April taught by the current staff. In March you’ll start working on the shop floor as a Novice Mechanic and you’ll work 30+ hours April through September 30th, 2013. Afterwards we’ll want you to become a worker-owner.

Yeah but I have to pay you or something?
NO. We pay you. This is a paid apprenticeship. You’ll be paid minimum wage during classes. Upon completion of classes you’ll receive a raise, and at the end of the season in September a review and as is most often the case, a second raise.

Our goal is that after September you’ll want to become a worker-owner. As an apprentice, you can apply for the ownership track after September 30th. The ownership track is 6 months after which the board of owners will take a vote. Owners receive higher wages and benefits.

So what do I learn?
Everything you need to know to work in a shop, and particularly a cooperative. For example, how to build new and used bikes, parts compatibility, cutting tools, shifting, brakes, frame repair, internal hubs, overhauling, wheel building, wheel truing, troubleshooting, and on the cooperative front, consensus based decision making, the coop process, etc.

So what are you looking for?
Folks from all kinds of backgrounds. The program works well for students too! But please do be a cyclist…You do not need to know anything about working on bikes, but it is helpful to be mechanically inclined. We prefer individuals who have some knowledge of cooperatives, consensus based decision making, administrative skills in IT, bookkeeping, Microsoft suite, and other kinds of mechanical or artist skills.

How to Apply
Bring a resume to the 734 SE Ankeny location asap! We also have a small application form to be completed. We’ll begin calling applicants Nov 1st.

Call 503-239-6951, email adsoc[at]citybikes[dot]coop or stop by.

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