Photos from Zoobomb Mini Bike Winter party

Mini Bike Winter Party-30

Sprockettes wowed the crowd with some awesome new material

This past weekend, I went to the Mini Bike Winter party hosted by Zoobomb. A huge group of us met at the Zoobomb Pyle downtown and then road down the Springwater Trail (under a nearly full moon) to The Watershed on SE McLoughlin. It was a great party put on by some amazing people.

Here are some of my photos…
Blake Hicks performed his flatland tricks. Hicks is a serious trick rider who works hard to perfect his moves. His hard work is paying off and I won’t be surprised when he lands a big endorsement deal as word spreads…

Mini Bike Winter Party-15

Zoobomb parties are guaranteed to bring out some bold outfits and bright colors…

<Mini Bike Winter Party-18

Mini Bike Winter Party-10

This bike won the mini-bike sound system contest. It had the most amazing sound system I have ever heard on a bike (and I’ve heard a lot!)…

Mini Bike Winter Party-22

Mini Bike Winter Party-5

The highlight of the night for me was seeing the Sprockettes. It’d been a long time since I watched them performed and they debuted some great new material. It was also a poignant farewell performance for two long-time members; Agent Sweetpea and Agent Feral… (And there was fire!)

Mini Bike Winter Party-32

Mini Bike Winter Party-31

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