red spraypaintt peeling off Schwinn? roadbike? ?

Year: ?
Brand: Schwinn?
Model: roadbike?
Color:red spraypaintt peeling off
Serial: ?
Stolen in Portland, OR 97212
Stolen From: Near NE MLK and Fremont (Specifically, NE 6th and Failing)
Neighborhood: NE (Albina-ish area)
Owner: Rob Morton
Reward: 10 bucks?
Description: Covered in red spray paint that’s peeling off, with tons of stickers, and pink duct tape holding on a back light that’s broken. One of the stickers says, “THIS BIKE IS A PIPEBOMB”, but don’t worry, it’s not – that’s just a band silly! Also, the handlebars are the curly kind with foam that’s ripped up and falling off of them.

Yeah…it’s got some serious sentimental value, so I’d be willing to give a reward…uh, of, say…10 bucks?
This registrant does not have proof of ownership of this bike

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