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Snow Day!

Will it snow this weekend? Bring it on!
(Photo © J. Maus)

The forecast calls for a chance of snow and freezing rain on Saturday morning, and better chance of less-freezing rain for the rest of the weekend. Other than that it should be a great time to get out there for a ride (all night, at that). And this being Portland, there’s no lack of opportunity.

There’s also a sizeable Portland contingent down in Bend right now for the 2009 Cyclocross National Championships — good luck to them!

Friday, December 11

7:00am – 9:00am: Santa Lucia Breakfast on the Bridges
Every year, certain holidays throw a wrench in the works of this final-Friday event — so every year the hardy BonB crew celebrates another holiday, St Lucia’s day, with pastries, coffee, and festive cheer for all of you commuters who never seem to see the need to put away the bike for the winter. East end of the Steel Bridge lower deck this month.

11:00pm: Holy Guadalupe Midnight Mystery Ride
Bring all your warm things, prepare to ride all night. Location announced Friday afternoon.

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Saturday, December 12

5:00pm: Dolce Xmas Dandy Warhols Ride (and Show)
Fans, buy your tickets in advance and ride from Col. Summers Park (SE 20th and Belmont) to Mississippi Pizza for pre-show food; and then on to the Wonder Ballroom for the show itself. See the calendar for another ride to the all-ages show on Sunday.

5:30pm: Metal Cowboy Book Reading and Holiday Party
Head down to River City Bicycles for Joe Kurmaskie’s annual holiday party and reading for his new book about bicycling through Canada with his family (and hear stories of his adventure this year cycling across Africa). Beer will flow, snacks will abound, and Kurmaskie’s wife will be on hand with her (somewhat different) side of the story.

Sunday, December 13

4:00pm: Bikanukkah Ride
Start out with beer at the Old Lompoc (3901 N Williams), continue on to doughnuts, then somewhere warm for latkes and dreidel poker. (Proof of Jewishness not required.)

6:00pm: Citybikes Q & A: Bike Fit, Cargo, and Accessories for the Transportation Commuter
Head down to the Citybikes Annex (SE Ankeny and 8th) for a free workshop with the collective’s knowledgeable staff.

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Elly Blue (Columnist)

Elly Blue has been writing about bicycling and carfree issues for BikePortland.org since 2006. Find her at http://takingthelane.com

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14 years ago

Elly, no! Don’t bring it on! Please!

Morgan TT
14 years ago

Featured on Bikanukkah Ride and at Lompoc. Portland’s first beer brewed for Hanukkah. Called “8 Malty Nights,” the chocolate rye was brewed on Nov. 10 by Brewer Sam Orlansky; his childhood friend, Rabbi Bradley Greenstein from the Congregation Neveh Shalom blessed the mash and all the brewers raised a glass of Manischewitz and toasted L’chaim.

carye bye
carye bye
14 years ago

It seems like every third friend of mine took an icy fall on a bike this weekend. I started a facebook support group! lol. So far everyone I’ve heard about faired ok.

I fell on the ice on my bike this week!