‘Cross Clash’ will stoke Oregon-Washington racing rivalry

Sasquatch vs. Unicorn: Guess
which is which.

This weekend the Cross Clash race series aims to boost a good-natured racing rivalry between Washington and Oregon. The rivalry has existed for years, but Cross Clash organizers say this will be the first time it will be settled by a cumulative tally of racers from each state.

The first event happens Saturday at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA. Race number two is on Sunday at the Cross Crusade event taking place at Rainier High School (about 50 miles north of Portland).

Clash promoter Zac Daab says the rivalry is a longstanding tradition. “As Portland and Seattle have two hot beds of cycling so close to one another, we wanted to go head to head, score the event on a state vs. state basis, and have a winning state at the end.”

Daab and his fellow promoters at MFG Cyclocross have chosen a unicorn and a sasquatch as “spirit animals” to represent the rivalry. Which one is which? “The unicorn seemed fitting as the appropriate mythical, magical creature to represent Oregon, while the sasquatch seemed appropriate for Washington.”

The winner of Cross Clash will take home the “Grail de la Grunge”, the longstanding tradition of Portland versus Seattle cyclocross.

More info on the Cross Clash here.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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Nick V
13 years ago

A unicorn? Really? I think a liger would have been the way to go. Gosh!

13 years ago

Portland is a Unicorn because our city was built on a unicorn burial ground, that’s why this are always a little different here.

13 years ago

Sasquatch is mythical… but Unicorns are real so I don’t get it. Why aren’t we centaurs or valkyries?

13 years ago

But on the flip side… just think how bad itll sting to get whooped by a unicorn.

Brad Ross
13 years ago

There’s nothing good natured about it! We need to lay waste to those frapaccino drinking skumbags.