Bikes fashion show rolls into town this weekend

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From the Momentum
Fashion show at Interbike
last month.
(Photo © Elly Blue)

Momentum Magazine is partnering with Oregon Manifest and Portland Fashion Week to produce the Ready to Roll Cycling Lifestyle Fashion Show this weekend.

The show, featuring special guests Team Beer and Tina Brubaker, will be at the Vigor Industrial Shipyards at 5555 N Channel Ave (on Swan Island). Door open at 3PM, show at 4PM. Cost of the show is $15 in advance or $18.75 at the door (use the promotion code MOMENTUM).

From the Momentum announcement:

Cycling is a beautiful and attainable transportation choice for almost any lifestyle. Momentum will present a selection of designers and brands from Portland – and across North America – that will inspire you to look fabulous cycling through all seasons. Show-goers can expect to see sleek, sexy, expressive and bike-friendly urban style.

After the show, a procession will leave for the “Concours d’Elegance” event, which begins at 7pm at the Oregon Manifest Bike Union at 533 NW Hoyt. Participants are invited to shine up their bikes, don their best look, and vote on the best-dressed bike-rider combination.

If you aren’t attending the show, you’re still free to join the Concours d’Elegance. Ladies’ tall bike gang the Irondelles will be leading their own mini-parade to the festivities, leaving at 6:30pm from the west side of the Steel Bridge.

Momentum put on a fashion show last month at Interbike. Today they released their catalog and a video they produced about the show. Also see our coverage of the show here.

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14 years ago

I got spray on my socks while riding to work. Big race this Sunday. I hope I have enough money to make rent and food bill this month.