More handmade magic from the Manifest Design Challenge

Our man at the Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge has sent over more photos of the amazing transportation bicycles put together by some of the best builders in the business.

This is just a small sampling of the extraordinary bikes in the show. Get down to the Oregon Manifest Union (539 NW 10th at Hoyt) from 7-10:00pm tonight for the official reception.

Scroll down for a few more sneak peeks of the builders have showed up with:

Pereira Cycles (Portland, OR)
Tony has really outdone himself (again). Highlights of his beauty are a hand-made taillight, integrated spot for a u-lock, and a fully custom from rack bag by Portland-based Lemolo. Check it out:

(All photos by Mark Reber/BikePortland unless otherwise noted)

Integrated u-lock.

Nicely done.

Hand made tail light
(Photo: Tony Pereira)

Donkelope Bikes (Bellingham, WA)

Ahearne Cycles (Portland, OR)

An Ahearne-esque rear basket for sure.

Durable and beautiful.

Because Chris King Precision Components is a major sponsor of the Oregon Manifest, his Cielo won’t be judged. We’ll have more photos of the bike soon, but check out this very classy sign he’s put over the rear fender:

From the looks of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Metrofiets’ entry is one of the lightest cargo bikes of this style ever built (note the fully custom carbon fiber rack inlay made by Ruckus Components).

Our reporter on the scene, Mark Reber, will have builder interviews, show notes, and more photos over the weekend. Managing editor Elly Blue will also be at the reception party tonight… so stay tuned for more coverage!

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Paul Tay
Paul Tay
14 years ago

Nice. But, I really want to see the metal chains and derraileurs go away and replaced with kevlar and internal CVT

14 years ago

so is the show open to the public before the official 7 PM party start time, or is BP just getting a sneak preview?

Tony Pereira
14 years ago

Public opening is at 7pm tonight. They let some reporter-types in during check in and the judging today.

14 years ago

But metal chains and derailers are *cheap*