Weekend Guide and Open Thread

It’s going to be an incredible weekend!

It’s the weekend! The main event is blue skies and temperatures in the 80s.

It looks like there are also a few organized bicycle rides and events happening.

Ride to the Farmer’s Market from Ladd’s Circle on Saturday with bike2market — and while you’re there, take advantage of a workshop on biking with cargo, presented by Joe Bike, where you can “learn how to haul kids, concrete, kayaks, or a week’s worth of groceries by bike.”

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Also on Saturday, I know a lot of you will be joining friends for the annual Reach the Beach ride.

On Sunday, join the Easy Riders on a bike stroll through Milwaukie (an excellent prelude to our May Get Together which will be held there the next day…), including a stop at the Milwaukie’s Farmer’s Market to pick up some good eats for a picnic on Elk Rock Island.

Enjoy yourselves and let us know what you’re up to!

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Elly Blue has been writing about bicycling and carfree issues for BikePortland.org since 2006. Find her at http://takingthelane.com

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Matt Picio
14 years ago

Don’t forget the Worthy Issues ride tonight at 6:30pm – Vera Katz statue on the Esplanade!

And at noon tomorrow, Theo Elliott is having a lumberjack-themed bike move! Bring your flannel and help Theo move into his new digs!


beth h
14 years ago

My sweetie and I are riding downtown to watch a musical group rehearse (she can get us into all sorts of cool music stuff), and then we’re going to a plant swap (bring the bike buckets!). What a great day for a ride.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
14 years ago

My girls and I will spend the day riding through NE, stopping by the alberta art hop and then heading down to SE Holgate for a birthday party.

should be a great day to explore the city by bike!

Curt Dewees
Curt Dewees
14 years ago

I’ll be working the Bike Swap Meet at the Recyclery (SE 9th & Madison) from 1-5 pm on Sunday. Stop by and say “Hey” if you’re in the neighborhood. some great deals to be had. Who knows–you might find something you didn’t even know you needed!



Jim Lee
Jim Lee
14 years ago

Rode the fixie from Woodstock over to REI NW, stopping at Bella Selva–26th & Clinton–for coffee, the NY Times, and a chat with “Danny.”

Danny has a friend who squires him about in the sidecar of a nice BMW motorcycle–not bad for a big, black, bearded labradoodle!

Bought a small REI pack for pleasure rides; room for a 2 liter water bottle and lots of little goodies, including the perfect pocket for a tiny container of sun screen.

Back over the Broadway Bridge (higher, but safer, than Hawthorne), checked out the Rose Quarter, then out to TJ’s on 39th via the Esplanade, Ladd’s Addition, and Gladstone.

A most pleasant and productive day!

Meghan H
Meghan H
14 years ago

Did 55 miles of Reach The Beach, and actually did reach the beach. A surprisingly flat and enjoyable route — I had no idea there was a way to get to the coast that didn’t require intense climbing. Next year, we’ll try for the Salem-Pacific City route!

I heard there were some 100-mile riders who were about to bike all the way BACK to Portland that night. I don’t know how that’s even possible, but good for them. Hope they can sit down today.