Connecting Green Trail Tour

The Connecting Green Summer Trail Tours continue this Saturday, September 6, with a bike ride in Vancouver. (see attached map)

If starting in Portland the ride will begin at 9:00AM at the Expo Center MAX Station. Go to for the MAX schedule. The group will join riders from Vancouver at 9:30 AM at the Columbia Renascence Waterfront Trail and the entrance to Old Apple Tree Park.

The tour will travel north crossing the newly constructed Confluence Land Bridge and east through Vancouver’s Officer’s Row in the Historic Reserve. The tour will continue north to the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway Trail and travel east to the Devine Road trailhead. The tour will then head south for about 1/8 mile up Devine Rd (walking is OK) and west on Macarthur Blvd before heading south down Blanford Canyon Rd and ultimately connecting back to the Columbia River at Wintler Park.

The last leg of the tour will travel west along the Columbia River Renascence Waterfront Trail prior to finishing at Esther Short Park, the location of the Vancouver’s Farmer’s Market. The total ride is approximately 13 miles with several speaker stops along the way.

RSVP to: or (503) 813-7560

See you on Saturday!

Robert Spurlock,
Assistant Regional Trails Planner
Metro Parks & Greenspaces

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