Comment of the Week: 10-19-06

“Putting a bike lane on Broadway in the first place was one of the Dumbest Ideas Ever. And not like a fun, riding your bike while it’s on fire type Dumb Idea.”

Author: “thud”
Post: Benson Hotel gets new bike lane markings
Note: I picked this comment not only because I think it adds some valuable insight into what was a heated discussion, but because it’s rare that we get the unmistakable C.H.U.N.K. perspective on the issues.


“I’ve said it hundreds of times and just about any other messenger who was around before the Bway bike lane will tell you the same. Putting a bike lane on Broadway in the first place was one of the Dumbest Ideas Ever. And not like a fun, riding your bike while it’s on fire type Dumb Idea. As evidenced by the following phenomena.

1)Hotel staff and guests(and everyone else, for that matter) see a bit more room so they use it. Who wouldn’t?

2)Cyclists get to feeling entitled so they get pissed when their space is encroached upon. They have every right to.

3)Police ticket bikes for not using the unsafe bike lane. Yes, this does happen and even if it gets thrown out it costs a day of work which is half the cost of the ticket or more.

4)Drivers have enough to contend with downtown and often don’t signal or look when crossing the bike lane when turning or parking. This and the tickets don’t get the reasonableness factor of the others.

5)Now that it’s here people will howl to no end if we suggest removing it. Perfectly reasonable.

Broadway was safer when it was left alone. The lanes were wider and the hotel/nordstroms/theater parking and loading areas spilled into the street far less. My answer to those who say of the BBL they use it/like it/need it? If you need a bike lane to ride on broadway, you shouldn’t ride on broadway. All of the reasons I say so have been enumerated in previous posts. It always surprises me that so few people see that this is an instance of a bike lane actually causing problems for motorists, peds AND cyclists. My vote is ignore #5 and UNSTRIPE!

Now that I sound like a cranky old jerk I’m going to go ride my bike to wipe the scowl off of my face so I can act not my age. I’m not telling.

Thadeous Charles Bamford III,
Disciple of Vog the Smeltor,
Tamer of Streets, at Home and in Lands Foreign “

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