Stolen Gunnar Crosshairs

Monarch Orange, 58cm Gunnar Crosshairs cx bike, with 105 components and FSA cranks, Cane Creek headset, Ritchey WCS stem and bars, WTB Rocket V saddle (black/silver), Frog front blinkie, gray Pearlizumi Tailgate saddlebag, Shimano wheels, Ritchey ExcaVader tires, BLUE bar tape!

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john q public
john q public
16 years ago

Sorry for the extreme vagueness of the post, but I did see some dude riding an orange Gunnar CX bike either 9/8 or 9/7 around 2:30pm. I do not recall if it had blue bar tape. He was a white guy around 5’10”, light close cut hair (thing #2 guard), no helmet. He was riding down NE Flanders around 32nd. The info might not be any help, but then again…