Stolen: Trek 1400

Sadly, I’m writing to get my bike listed on the stolen bike registry. It
was stolen today, Aug. 13, between 4:30-7:00pm, right in front of my work
at 4321 SE Hawthorne, where it was locked with a Kryptonite U-lock.
It’s a blue Trek 1400 aluminum frame road bike with white lettering and a
piece of yellow tape wrapped around the top tube; yellow and black tires;
Shimano 600 component group; frame is 46×51 cm, roughly from 1997 or so.
Serial number is 449495.
Thank you so much for your help.
Erinn Roberts

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16 years ago

check craigslist in CA – West Covina section. I also found listing with Google. There is one for sale. I wanted to buy and the seller seems very suspicious. Claimed he was diagnosed with diabetes, gives wrong address, then did not show up. Said he had it in his garage but I did sleuthing found his true address after he stood me up and I’d driven 30 miles. I went to his home and he was not there but there was an 8′ pile of bikes on his patio covered with a tarp. Too much suspicious about his stories. Genetic diabetes is known early on I believe, the other type is self-abuse. He sent me to wrong address. Seems to be a dealer not individual. I suspect he is fencing bikes. His listing in Craigslist has images.