Stolen: Surly Long Haul Trucker – Recovered!

[Editor’s note: Read Mike’s recovery story.]

hey, my name’s Mike and i lost my bike.
’05 Surly Long Haul Trucker framest (56cm), serial # M4091005
R. Tubus rack (black)
F. Ahearne rack with lowrider and 12-pack carrying capabilities (black)
Cris King headset (black)
Thomson seatpost(silver), w/ Specialized Alias 135 seat
Ritchey stem and Biomax bars, black bar tape
’96/7 105 brake levers
Shimano 8-speed bar-end shifters (f. is on the downtube)
’95 Shimano XTR crankset, older Shimano SPDs
’96/7 Shimano XT rear derailleur, newer Shimano LX front derailleur
Shimano Deore 36 h. hubs (black) laced to Mavi A719 rims (silver)
older Shimano cantilevers w/ Salsa straddle cable hangers, Kool-Stop pads (orange/salmon)
had a grey and black Ortlieb pannier on the rear w/ a yellow touring fork (one inch threaded, short steer tube new powder coat, shimano 105 crown race)

the bike was stolen from a backyard on 15th and Alder early morning 7-30
any info please contact me.

Mike Muzik 503-890-9656
or River City Bicycles 503-233-5973 (ask for Brandon if i’m not available)

please contact:

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17 years ago

o man… i can feel the pain from here. i’ll keep an open eye!

Mike Muzik
Mike Muzik
17 years ago

hey, just to let you know, i got my bike back today. this website is incredible.

Mike Muzik
Mike Muzik
17 years ago

Hey, Brian who called me yesterday with the tips, please contact me, i don’t have your number.

17 years ago

holy shit. how lucky is this??!

did you take any preventative measures(insurance, that registered bike service, etc?)

i have NEVER heard of anyone getting their bike back after being stolen, let alone one this nice. kudos to whoever helped facilitate the safe return!!

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
17 years ago

Here’s the recovery story from Mike:

i think the only reason i got my bike back was because of the site.

yeah, so i didn’t have the bike locked up. i was sleeping next to it an a friends backyard,

i woke up around 8:30, no bike.

i got home and posted on the site, made flyers, and rode around.

i got a tip from a guy named Brian who saw some guy riding my bike downtown (near 4th and Oak SW) this was around 2:45 on the 31st. i hauled ass downtown, rode around for a coupla hours, then was heading to River City Bicycles (where i work)

on the way, Brian, called again and said “i know where the guy lives…” i got the address and went back (same neighborhood SW) sorta
staked out the place for a bit, then went to the shop and grabbed a co-worker.

he and i waited outside the building for a coupla hours, rolled around a bit, talked to some people around there.

we let the door attendant know why we were hanging out (this is a state or government supported low-income apartment)

went back to the bike shop, and twenty minutes later the doorman called, he was in the process of looking around the builing for the bike. ha called back later and said he found it.

so yeah, it’s back. the bicycle related networking in this town is amazing, it gives me a little more hope.

thanks again.