Stolen: Trek 820

[Submitted by bjhauck]

I had my 2 day old blue and silver Trek 820 bike stolen right in front of the 24 Hour Fitness at the Beaverton Round at the Beaverton Central Max Stop. I had just bought it 2 days prior and locked it up with a cable lock. Someone must have cut the lock and took the bike. It is a 21 speed and a 19.5″ frame. Serial # on my bike was C35G5706 and also has a yellow “Bike Gallery” (where I purchased the bike) sticker down by the pedals. Please e-mail me if you have any information on my bike, or call me on my cell at (503) 349-8582. Thanks.

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16 years ago

I just lost my Giant Cypress DX to a thief.
A cable lock is useless. They can get through that with a bolt cutter.
Unfortunately I also had a defective Kryptonite U-lock that could be opened with a ballpoint pen.

I now have a new Trek women’s bike that is kept in the house. A five pound chain is outdoors chained to a heavy iron fence if I have to leave it there for a while.

For in-town travel: Get a good quality U lock with a flat key, NOT a cable with a padlock, be sure to put it through the rear wheel and SECURELY lock it to a stanchion or part of a building, and good luck to you. I hope you find your old bike, but like me, you can prevent losing your new one by getting a better lock.