Report: Night of the Living Donuts Ride

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  • Last night, 27 donut lovers assembled in Northeast Portland for the second of three donut rides during Pedalpalooza.

    Donut Ride
    Donut Ride

    It’s tough to find good donuts after 10PM (even in Portland) but we were determined and managed to scarf dozens by traversing the city in search of holey pleasure.

    Our first stop was the legendary Annie’s Donuts on 72nd and Sandy. We swarmed our first box of donuts and once they were gone we set out in search of stop #2.

    Unfortunately our next stop, near Burnside and Grand was closed. Undettered and hungry for more, we headed across the Burnside Bridge and made our way to the one and only Voodoo Doughnuts.

    Voodoo, as always, did not disappoint. We ordered two buckets and passed them around, while karaoke from nearby bars filled the warm night air.

    After strapping the leftover donuts to Carl’s pannier rack, we headed North up Williams Ave. I split for home while the group rode to Tonalli’s on Alberta for the final stop.

    Many thanks to our fearless guide, Captain Pastry (seen here in costume).

    For more fun photos, check out my Donut Ride Photo Gallery and some great shots from Dat.

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    Medic Pilot
    Medic Pilot
    16 years ago

    Mmmmmmm… Donuts.

    organic brian
    organic brian
    16 years ago

    The food service star of the Ride Pad Thai’ed was Lissy (hope I got the name right) at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine on NE Broadway by 31st. She made accommodations so that Patrick’s young daughter could join us (Sweet Basil’s lower level is a bar), had the cook make a no-sugar-added peanut sauce for me (it was tremendous), and took a bunch of PP calendars to show at the bar and the nearby salon where she also works. Huh-WRAY for awesome bartenders! I’m definitely going back for the fresh salad rolls, and they serve dinner food until late Thu-Sat.

    16 years ago

    We also had 27 riders on the Taco Ride. There was an unfortunate start to the ride when Ken got injured by a freekie jogger. He’s still alive thankfully. We hit a bunch of great taco places (I only remember Cha Cha Cha by name) and had everything from goat tacos, to chocolate covered burritos (look at Dat picture). If anyone picked up the burrito that I left at the place on Belmont, feel free to take advantage of my absentmindedness. It was totally fun. Thanks Ben!