Report: Breakfast on the Bridge

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  • Breakfast on the Bridges (B-on-B) is a proud Portland tradition that Shift to Bikes organizes the last Friday of every month. In honor of Pedalpalooza, it’s happening every Friday in June.

    [Photo by VJ]

    Here’s a report from Carl Larson:

    “It was a confusing morning on the Broadway bridge. Commuters who stopped at that delightful bottleneck high atop the Broadway bridge asked a lot of questions: Is it the last Friday of the month? Where’s Timo? You’re out of coffee?

    It was a gray, slightly nippy morning and, perhaps as a result, we pumped all our coffee by 8:30! Timo was serving Breakfast on the Overpass with Kiran at the Hollywood Transit Center and many noted his absence. Everything else was there, though: gooey doughnuts, smiling faces, vegan options, smiling vegans, tardy slips, tardy people, juice, kids, bikes, bikers…

    There were some new features, though: a man with a mandolin, shwanky pedalpalooza tshirts, and a realtor handing out patch kits. I think he was a realtor. I don’t know. It was lovely.”

    [Thanks to VJ Beauchamp for the photo.]

    Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

    Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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    17 years ago

    It was a confusing BonB – I ended up going to Hawthorne Bridge instead of my beloved Broadway since it was closer to where I needed to go. Kirsty, Steph, another Steph, Patrick & Holly seemed to be the main folks running the show. They had some delcious brownies, and I even had a cup of coffee.Boy there are are so many more bikers on Hawthorne, and many like to go really really fast! It was while holding signs and yelling Breakfast for Bikers! that Steph and I brainstormed the idea to do a Burma Shave style signing for Mocktails Later that night. It was fun seeing some of the same commuters come in to work, and come back later at mocktails. Next week will it be broadway or hawthorne?