Shift hosts bike love-fest

The bike fun rampage continues…

Shift to Bikes presents Valentine’s Day Mocktails on the Hawthorne Bridge

When: Tuesday, Feb. 14, from 4:30 to 6:30pm

Where: On the south side of the Hawthorne Bridge, on the east end (under the I-5 overpass, where the path spirals down to the Esplanade).

Details: Volunteers will be out demonstrating our love for Portland’s bicyclists by serving juice, soda, tea, heart-shaped cookies, and other snacks to riders commuting home — or on their way to a date. The event will also include bike heart art for sale, flowers and candles, bike maintenance, and random acts of bike love.

Contact: Elly Blue, 503 810 9443 (cell)

That “random acts of bike love” part sounds interesting…

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16 years ago

Hey now! Nobody’s gonna make “sweet love” to my bike but ME.

16 years ago

I’d like to add that anyone who would like to volunteer at this event is welcome. Drop me a line, or just show up to greet commuters and hand out fizzy drinks, cookies, or v-day cards and gifts of your own devising.