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Apple CEO and Reed dropout gets back on his bike

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

Came across this great quote from Steve Jobs, head of Apple Computer and Reed College dropout.

He was asked by The Independent (a UK newspaper) what was the last piece of technology he acquired – not made by Apple – that really delighted him. After a long pause he said:

“I actually bought a bicycle recently. It’s just … wonderful.”

I like to think his time in the biking utopia of SE Portland had something to do with that. Now, if he would just design a bike that creates as much of a frenzy as his iPods…

A visit to Joseph Ahearne’s new shop

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Joseph Ahearne's new shopI visited local framebuilder Joseph Ahearne yesterday. He just moved all his Ahearne Cycles stuff from the SE Industrial District to St. Johns. His new shop is tucked into the corner of a broken-down old industrial warehouse under the St. Johns Bridge. It’s a beautiful location that will unfortunately be overrun with two major condo projects in the coming years.

Joseph has some great ideas for new products in the pipeline (I’m sworn to secrecy) and this recent profile in Dirt Rag Magazine has been making the phone ring a bit more than usual.

While I was there, I noticed this funny article he had cut out of a local paper and taped to one of his tool boxes. The title is “Death to Bike Thieves” and before I give the link, I’ll warn you that the language is very foul so be careful if you’re at work. Check it out.

Update: Zoobomb bike pile not in jeapordy

Friday, October 28th, 2005

According to PDOT, the only thing being tagged for removal are parts that are being attached to the pile. Full Zoobombable bikes are not going to be removed. The loose parts are a safety hazard and if they’re not removed by Monday, they’ll be removed by the City and donated.

See the initial post on this story, “Zoobomb bikes get pink slipped

Thanks to Dat for the inside info. makes progress with online bike route finder

Friday, October 28th, 2005

In more online mapping news, Wyatt Baldwin over at has made some exciting progress on his bike route finder. After much back and forth, he has finally received data from Metro and integrated it into his Google-map enhanced route finder. Here’s more from Wyatt:

“…we’re now using Metro’s data and the whole tri-county region is covered; we’re looking into making the system multi-modal, especially incorporating public transit.”

So get over there and give the byCycle route finder a try.

Zoobomb bikes get pink slipped

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Zoobomb pile Portland ORJust heard that downtown cops have placed pink slips on the famous Zoobomb bike pile across from Rocco’s Pizza. Here’s the post from the Zoobomb forum to keep an eye on.

How can the downtown cops say those bikes are abandoned? Everyone knows about Zoobomb…they were on PBS for crying out loud! If the cops impound Zoobomb bikes I could see community relations being strained. Especially coming right after the recent debacle at the Clown House. Here’s what Zoobomb legend Rev Phil has to say:

“Alas, we dont want to give up our Holy Rack. It is perhaps the greatest icon of alternative bike culture that exists in Portland today. Truly a living piece of bike art.”

Stay tuned for more developments.

Three more Ghost Bikes installed

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Eight cyclists showed up Wedsnesday night for a second round of Ghost Bike installs. Three more bikes were put up which brings the total to nine since the memorial for Chris Burris went up on MLK and Wygant in early September. I’ve got photos of them here.

Below is a list of all current Ghost Bike locations:

  • NE 80th and Fremont
  • NE 106th and Weidler
  • NE 126th and Halsey
  • SE Belmont and 40th (2 bikes)
  • SE 49th and Stark
  • NE Sandy and 37th (I-84 W. bound onramp)
  • NE Killingsworth and 9th
  • NE MLK and Wygant

I’d like to post the riders names with each location, but I’m not sure on all of them. I’ll update this post with that information as soon as I find out. Keep your eyes on for more information.

Google, TriMet team up on mapping project

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Back in August Metro began experimenting with Google Earth. Now it seems TriMet and Google have more of an official partnership going on.

I recently heard Carolyn Young (Executive Director of Programs and Communications for TriMet) mention something about TriMet and Google getting together on a special project. I followed up with her and this is what she told me:

“TriMet is talking to Google about being a pilot for a trip planning tool using Google maps. We want to get a lot of data overlays on the same map, including sidewalks, bike routes, curb-cuts for mobility devices etc. The goal would be to be able to easily map a trip from your house to anywhere you want to go in the TriMet region using your bike and transit – along with schedules and approximate time to make the trip.”

According to Carolyn, it will be “a couple of months” before they have anything to show us, but this definitely sounds interesting.

Clown House crisis update

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

[see this post for background on this issue]

After much back and forth, it seems the City has ultimately succeeded in destroying the soul of the Alberta community. I met with Dingo at the Clown House a few days ago and things seemed to be “OK”. Much of the random parts and bikes were gone but there were still enough tall bikes, circus props and other things in the yard that it felt like potential for a re-birth was possible.

However, in the most recent update, the City has said, “everything must go”. The stage, all the bikes, everything but “the lounge chairs,” according to Dingo. This is a huge shock to me because I thought there was a chance for everyone to get on the same page and figure out a more amicable solution. I had a productive (I thought) conversation with the head of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Jimmy Brown.
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“Everybody Bike!” T-shirt by Carye Bye

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

I’m excited to introduce the first in a series of T-shirts (click to enlarge design)! Each shirt in the series will feature an original, bike-themed design from a local artist. The first featured artist is Carye Bye.
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Update on ODOT “Wet Paint” incident

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Just got some photos from the victims of the recent “Wet Paint” incident.

The riders have contacted ODOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager, Michael Ronkin. From the looks of his cool personal website and bio, and from what I’ve heard through the grapevine he does great work on behalf of cyclists.

If we hear something from him I’ll let you know…or maybe he’ll come over and leave a comment. That would be cool.