George Hincapie at the MS150

hincapieLocal cyclist and reader Dat Nguyen snapped this great photo with George Hincapie at the recent MS150 Bike Tour. George is one of the best cyclists in the world and Lance’s loyal teammate on all 7 of his Tour de France victories. And Dat?…well, he’s a really nice guy, a regular volunteer for Breakfast on the Bridges, and active in Shift. For more of his photos from the MS150, check out his gallery here.

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16 years ago

just watched tour de flanders…. and had to write to say “cheers”
Watching the pros makes me feel good about my ride. Ive been on bikes all my life, now im doing my first century…. TNT Tahoe.

ride on

Peter  May
Peter May
16 years ago

When I moved to Atlanta, I entered a ride for a young man who had been struck by a car. The leader of that ride was George Hincapie. He spent time with the riders and was as kind and caring as he could be. George is much more than a great rider, he is a wonderful human being.

Peter May, Alpharetta, Georgia