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Report: Taco Ride 1: SE Edition (photo)

Posted by on June 18th, 2010 at 11:24 am

Reporter – Ben Salzberg
Ride Date – Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ride Report
The theme for this ride was “handmade tortillas” — only joints with handmade fresh tortillas were on the ride.

Twenty-plus riders showed up at Los Gorditos’ relatively new brick-and-mortar location at SE 12th and Division. The big news there is Apex bar next door, with awesome bike parking and helmet and bag cubbies: brilliant! Great bike accommodation.

From there we sped to El Gallo (with some advance riders keeping them open) to try to make the 7pm close. Everyone eventually made it by about 7:10, but he stayed open for us, yay!

Then the tiny cart at SE 82nd and Flavel, Taqueria de Todo Poco, super awesome tortillas made as we waited. The pastor is the hot ticket there!

Final stop, Lindo Michoacan, where I love the birria (de chivo — goat!) but also the cabeza (beef cheeks, not brains or head cheese as you might guess).

Photos are on my camera, d’oh! But maybe I can post one in the comments or something. Thanks to all for coming, and just wait for the next one

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