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Kids Bike Safety Education (BTA)

Posted by on October 9th, 2007 at 5:41 pm

We (the BTA) are looking for volunteers who like to have a good time to ride with our instructors and students on their graduation bike rides.

Tasks include pretty much anything that the instructor needs- but usually looks like volunteers riding with the instructors and students, modeling proper riding, and being supportive and enthusiastic for these students. Graduation rides all happen on Thursdays or Fridays, during the school day (schedule below.)

We usually ask for volunteers to commit to at least a 2.5 hour shift. Each class is either one hour or two hours, and this allows for time to
orient volunteers before the class.

Each school has it’s own schedule, so it’s probably best to just choose a school, and an afternoon or morning shift and we can fill you in on the details to see if that fits for you. If you need help with what part of town the schools are in, let me know – they are all over the City of Portland.

Bicycle Safety Education:
Lewis – Oct. 5 Friday (SE) 12:30- 3:00
Chapman – Oct. 5 Friday (NW) 8:00am- 9:45am, 9:45am-11:30am, 12:30pm-2:15pm
Kelly – Oct. 11 Thursday (SE) 8:45-11:00, 12:40-1:55
Faubion – Oct. 11 Thursday (NE) 8:40-12:00, 12:45- 3:00
Lent – Oct. 19 Friday (SE) 8:45-11:00, 12:45- 3:00
Humboldt – Oct 19 Friday (NE) 8:45-11:15
Atkinson – Oct. 19 Friday (SE) TBA
Vestal – Oct. 25 Thursday (NE) 8:45-11:15, 12:00-2:15
Russell Acad. – Nov. 2 Friday (Outer NE) 8:45-12:20, 12:45-3:00
Gilbert Park – Nov. 2 Friday (Outer SE) 9:00-11:15, 12:45-3:00
Clarendon – Nov. 2 Friday (NoPo) TBA
Atkinson – Nov. 2 Friday (SE) TBA

There are also some after-school opportunities with a program called Pedal Power. These are groups of 15 kids for two hours, the rides
are a bit more ambitious. They are usually from 3-5 in the afternoon (or close to that time) so these may work better for you.

Pedal Power:

Chief Joseph (NoPo) – Oct. 3, 8, 10
Chapman (NW) – Oct. 3, 8, 10, 15, 17
Sunnyside (SE) – Oct. 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25

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