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Zoobombers plan annual birthday bash

Posted by on August 24th, 2006 at 9:51 am

Zoobomb 8/28/05
[Ready, set, Zoobomb]

This weekend Zoobombers celebrate their fourth anniversary with two days of mini-bike madness known as the BIFFday Summer Olympics.

On Saturday they’ll assemble at Colonel Summers Park (SE 20th and Belmont) at 2:00 for events like mini-bike polo, chicken races (where mini-bikers duel with someone riding on their shoulders), and the ominous-sounding Harness of Doom.

Then at noon on Sunday, at an undisclosed location (sorry), a new event dubbed “This Race is a Pipe Bomb,” is planned. Organizers are calling the event an opportunity to ride down a sewage pipe in “pitch black, stanky darkness with the albino fishies.” and, “Race down a 6′ diameter concrete tube, carve on the walls, go as fast as you can, probably get hurt!” Sounds awesome.

This event will be followed by a high-stakes Zoobomb and more craziness on the hill.

Zoobomb 8/28/05
[At the end of last year’s run.]

I can’t make it because I’ll be camping on the coast, so please everyone takes lots of photos for me…and watch out for ice!

[P.S. If you’d like to write-up a brief report on this event please contact me.]

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  • Scout August 26, 2006 at 3:39 pm

    Every time I read a report of the wild happenings at Zoobomb HQ, I get a tingly feeling inside. =)

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