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From Goodwill to Shangri-la

Posted by on May 8th, 2005 at 4:26 pm

Nice ride with the family yesterday…went down the Esplanade to the Goodwill in SE. While checking out the books I saw an issue of VeloNews with a boyish Lance Armstrong on the cover smiling after his 2nd Tour de France win…probably should have bought it, but I didn’t.

From the Goodwill we cruised over to quite possibly the nicest bike shop in the world…River City. Walking among the overwhelming assortment of luxurious bike stuff and enticing espresso aroma, I realized what business experts mean when they talk about a “retail environment.”

From the glitz and glam of River City (were those Herman Miller desk chairs in their offices?) to the greasy underbellly of CityBikes, this town has a bike shop to suit every rider and every budget. [Check more shops on my links page]

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