Oregonian slams BTA’s new stance on CRC

An anti-12 lane CRC sign(Photo © J. Maus) An editorial in this morning’s Oregonian criticizes Bicycle Transportation Alliance leaders for their recently stated opposition of the plan to build a new, 12-lane highway bridge over the Columbia River, and for encouraging their members to attend a rally in opposition to the plan. Claiming that the … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Jonathan Nicholas, bike scene pundit and the spirit of Cycle Oregon, leaves The Oregonian

Jonathan Nicholas, seen here in Heppner, Oregon during the 2006Cycle Oregon.(Photos J. Maus) Jonathan Nicholas, the author and journalist who is considered the soul of Cycle Oregon and who has shared his insider observations on Portland’s bike scene for over two decades, has decided to take a buy-out offer from The Oregonian and will … Read more