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Blumenauer asks for help with Bike Commuter Act

(Note: The title of this post was originally, “Benefits fraud may stymie progress on Bike Commuter Act.” I changed it to better reflect the situation.). I just got an email from Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s legislative assistant Katie Drennan. She said that although there is considerable momentum for the Bike Commuter Act (42 co-sponsors so far), … Read more

Bike Commuter Benefits Act to be re-introduced tomorrow

Blumenauer at theSummit opening. Tomorrow morning, after a speech by Minnesota Congressman Jim Oberstar, Earl Blumenauer plans to re-introduce his Bike Commuter Benefits Act in a press conference on Capitol Hill. Blumenauer just finished a speech at the opening of the National Bike Summit and he hinted at this news when he confidently said, “With … Read more