The BikePortland Society

The BikePortland Society is a group of individuals who understand the valuable role BikePortland plays in our community. Society members support the work of BikePortland with the financial resources to maintain the independent, high-quality journalism and resources our community expects.

Members support BikePortland, network with each other, and impact our community. 

Join today with a $100 per month minimum subscription or upgrade your current payment.


The type of community journalism BikePortland has provided for nearly two decades is rare and valuable.

It’s easy to find headlines about the crisis in American media and its relation to our crisis in democracy. Read further and you’ll find two truths: 1) Small operations like BikePortland (with only one full-time employee) are extremely hard to make a living from, and 2) what BikePortland is doing is what many experts say is the key to saving both journalism and democracy.

BikePortland shares information that builds an educated, connected and engaged community — both online with our massive daily reach, and in real life with events like our weekly Bike Happy Hour. That community then brings even more people together, creating a virtuous cycle of empowerment that increases knowledge, connects people to each other, holds power to account, amplifies diverse perspectives, and so on.

Unfortunately, this work is very hard to monetize; especially because BikePortland has always focused on what’s vital, not what’s viral.

Advertisers are hard to find and the partnerships they require can sap energy and resources away from other work. $5 and $10 monthly subscriptions are wonderful, but it would take twice the number we have now to provide the revenue needed to sustain our business. (And yes, we could sell merchandise, but it’d be more of a branding move than a source of revenue.)

Here’s the bottom line:

We must establish a more robust and reliable monthly funding source in order to survive and continue to serve the community. That’s where BikePortland Society members come in. Please join today.

Membership Perks 

  • An invitation to at least one annual, in-person gathering with other BP Society members.
  • Your name/business name listed on our home page (unless you’d like us to keep it private).
  • A banner-free reading experience on our website.
  • Access to “Office Hours” with BikePortland founder/publisher/editor Jonathan Maus. These 30-minute meetings can be booked for online video chats. Use this time to pitch your story idea, share feedback, ask questions, and so on.
  • Satisfaction and good karma that comes with knowing your membership is vital to the existence of quality, reliable local transportation information and resources that impacts thousands of lives.
  • Custom “BP Society” merch. I’m thinking a lapel pin and/or a cool sticker.

Join us!

BikePortland does great things. We can do even greater things together!

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