2014 Portland Bike Theft Summit – December 10th

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It’s time to get educated, organized, and inspired in the battle against bike theft in Portland. Join us to take a closer look at the problem, the people, and the solutions.

This event will bring together bike theft experts, people like you, leaders from key agencies like the Portland Police Bureau, PBOT, legal experts, the Portland Parks Bureau, local business owners, and more.

Please bring your bike theft stories, prevention and recovery tips, and spirit of collaboration.

Scroll down to peruse the latest draft of the agenda (download PDF here):


5:45 – Doors open and networking
Grab a drink and open your mind to bike theft. Take this time meet new crime-fighting partners and record your bike theft story with documentary filmmaker Guthrie Straw.

6:10 – Welcome and opening remarks by Jonathan Maus, founder and editor of BikePortland
Bike theft is out of control in Portland. It’s a complex problem intertwined with other complex problems. But there’s no reason to feel hopeless! There are many things we can do to get a better handle on it. The first step is understanding the scope and context of the problem, who the local players are, and what solutions might be feasible in Portland. In his opening address, Jonathan will explain his expectations for the summit, present new data to illustrate the problem, and share what he’s learned from over seven years of reporting about the issue on BikePortland.org.

6:20 – Bike Theft Storytime
Audience members will share their 30-second bike theft stories.

6:30 – Panel discussion #1: Enforcement
“Death to bike thieves!” is a popular mantra; but catching thieves in the act, giving them due process, and then holding them accountable, requires a bit more tact than vigilante justice. Our panelists will share their experiences in the trenches of the bike theft battle — from raiding encampments on the Springwater Corridor to busting repeat offenders. Time for Q & A will follow. (All panels moderated by Jonathan Maus)

    – Vivian Godsey, Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney
    – Roger Goldingay, owner of Cartlandia food cart pod
    – Officer David Sanders, Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct
    – Karras Kalivas, park ranger with Portland Parks & Recreation
    – Homeless advocate, TBA

7:00 – 7:10 – Break for networking (and other fun stuff TBD)

7:10 – Panel discussion #2: Prevention & Technology
With knowledge comes power: the power to prevent bike theft and to recover a bike once it’s stolen. What is Portland currently doing to educate residents about bike theft prevention and recovery? What technology is available to help recover bikes and how can it be improved? Our panelists are experts in the high-tech and marketing side of the equation. Time for Q & A will follow.

    – Bryan Hance, co-director of Bike Index
    – Kate Nelson, Western Bikeworks
    – J Allard, CEO of Project 529
    – Danielle Booth, PBOT Active Transportation Division SmartTrips program (also handles abandoned bikes)

7:40 – Solutions Slam
Let’s hear them! Folding bikes, bait bikes, mandatory bike registration, GPS trackers, explosives, other ideas?

8:00 – Panel discussion #3: Parking
Parking is an often overlooked piece of the bike theft puzzle. Rack design, location, availability (or lack of it) and other factors can have a huge impact on security. From the ultimate solution of bike valet to the ubiquitous blue staple racks, this panel will explore how parking impacts theft and what’s being done about it. Time for Q & A to follow.

    – Kiel Johnson, owner of Go By Bike bike valet
    – Clint Culpepper, manager of the Bike Hub at Portland State University
    – Todd Boulanger, VP of operations & facility design at Bikestation and transportation planner
    – Sarah Figliozzi, PBOT bicycle parking program

8:30 – Lock Stars Competition
5 contestants will compete to see who is the best bike locker-upper. Will be judged on speed and security.

8:45 – Final Q & A, wrap up and closing remarks by Jonathan Maus

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