Stolen Iron Horse QuestX

Stolen from Cortland Village Apartments in Hillsboro between 9:30 PM and 8:00 AM. Ugly gray/tan banded Iron Horse QuestX mountain bike. Pearlescent purple sheen to the paint in the light. Cactus sticker on front. Iron Horse QuestX logo label on right top tube. Rear rack with two blue bungee cords and a white piece of ribbon. Triangular red Mars 2.0 Blackburn rear light, Planet Bike cylindrical front light. 7-speed Shimano trigger shifters. “Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab” black and orange rectangular sticker on the left side of the top tube. Metallic square silver sticker on underside of bottom diagonal tube. Black WTB saddle. Black plastic Apex front and rear fenders – front one partially attached with white twist-tie. Small rectangular magnet stuck on top of handlebars. Paint is scuffed and scraped, and has quite a bit of road grime. No serial number on bike.

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