Stolen: Trek Pilot 1.2

My 2005 Trek Pilot 1.2 was stolen today.

I don’t have a picture at my fingertips but none of mine would be as
good as this one anyway:

Mine looks exactly like that with the following exceptions:

– second set of brake levers added to top of handlebars
– Kryptonite lock mount and water bottle cage on inside of frame
– wireless bike computer transmitter strapped to inside front fork
(and that magnet thing secured to one of the spokes on the front wheel)
– about a season’s worth of miscellaneous dings and scratches

The bike was stolen from the bike rack in the garage at 735 SW Saint
Clair Avenue, just a block off Burnside and 23rd. The thief left the
rear wheel and the Kryptonite lock on the bike rack. Yes, I know, it
was really really REALLY fucking stupid of me to leave a $1000 bike
secured only through the wheel, but it never sits for more than a day
and I guess I was naive enough to think that the locked garage I keep
it in was security enough. (Or that my neighbors weren’t thieves, if
that turns out to be the case.)

I can’t even begin to find the words to express how angry and
frustrated and depressed I am right now. My bike is more than my
preferred means of transportation – it’s my declaration of
independence from this noisy, polluting, soaked-in-gasoline-and-blood
culture of ours. I don’t ride because I have to, I ride because I
love to, because biking is part of what my life is about, one of the
best parts actually, and now that part of my life has been taken away
by some tweaker who’ll forget about it the moment he pawns it to get
his next fix. Stupidity and cruelty and the way things are: 1,
idealism and respect and the way things should be: 0.

My only consolation is that – ironically enough – it was stolen the
day AFTER I did the 10-bridge ride for the first time. If someone
had been heartless enough to steal my bike the night before the
Bridge Pedal – I can’t even imagine how I would feel.

Anyway I am honestly not expecting to see my bike again, but if
there’s anything you can do to help, I’d appreciate it. If you need
any more information from me just let me know.

Eric G

Thanks for reading.

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Eric G
Eric G
17 years ago

Just an update, in case it helps at all – the serial number is C75GR289. Also it was purchased at the Bike Gallery, and it has the usual BG sticker on the lower frame.