Stolen: 3 Specialized bikes

Our 3 road bikes were stolen on about 7/27 from our enclosed front portch (I know, I know). They are each specialized brand bikes.. They are a grey specialized Allez and a black Allez (1 year old each) and a silver specialized Sequoia (3 years old, about). The sequoia is decked out with a rack on the back, full fenders, and cateye cycle computer, and pump and carbon water bottle cage. The 2 Allez cycles had cateye computers as well. Each had a small bike bag with tools, tubes, etc. the Sequoia had my house keys!. The locks have already been changed at home.

The sequoia also had a hitch holder for a trailer through the rear quick release and ritchey handle bars. Each bike also has a river city bikes sticker as they were each purchased new there.

Each bike also had spd type pedals. If there is any thing else you can think of let me know. I also have the serial numbers if that helps at all.


Teri Bunker

503 887 6204

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