Stolen: Trek 7500 FX

[Posted by “Dave”]

My new Trek 7500 FX (bought in December 2005, when my last commuter bike wore out from years of use) was stolen Friday evening from the corner of N. Greeley and Killingsworth. This new bike was — until Friday — my primary means of transportation.

I will give a reward for anyone who helps me get it back, no questions asked.

Distinguishing characteristics:
1) Maroon and black bike with scuffed silver handlebar-ends, and with a large black sticker on the left side reading approximately this: “Bicycles allowed full lane, ORS 814…”
2) It has my name (Kayes) etched in two locations on it: one is on the front, just under the Trek logo. I’m keeping the second secret until I see the bike, in case the thief reads this and grinds down the first.
3) And of course, I have the serial number!

Call Dave at 503.745.9162. Like I said, no questions asked. I need my bike back. I have filed a police report and can supply the case number, as well as the bike serial number if necessary.


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