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Pedalpalooza Recap: Biking In Portland – The Board Game

Posted by on June 16th, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Read the recap below…(Photo: Jene-Paul)

Reporter Name: Jene-Paul
Event Date: Monday, June 13, 2011
How many people showed up? About 15

Brief Recap:
Met at Fool’s place to brainstorm board game ideas based on the DIY foundation of using a PBOT bicycling map as a readily-available playing board. Game play was noisily hashed out involving movement (roll dice), goals (collect locations), hazards and bonuses. After creating a set of basic action cards, these were refined in real-time during a trial run game session on the Sharpie-annotated board, adding notes to the cards about penalties or benefits, etc.

PBR & donuts were available to help the creative process. This may have been a factor in results like: Draw the BonB card (Breakfast on the Bridges) and your marker is transported to the Hawthorne or Steel Bridge; get the Police card and you receive a free ride downtown – unless you are at the Zoobomb! location, where you lose one turn & get a citation; the flying saucer card teleports you to a location drawn at random; a Rain! card costs one movement count while putting on rain gear, a Burrito! card is worth another turn, a Courteous Driver! cancels out a Road Rage! card, etc.

This went on for nearly three hours, then wound down as people departed to join up on evening Pedalpalooza rides or left for more mundane reasons.

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