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Update 1/3/07: December Raffle is closed.

And the winner is…Tim Becker of Northeast Portland! Read all about it.

Thanks to a donation from The Bike Gallery, December’s raffle prize is an Electra Amsterdam (winner can choose any model)!

*Click here to learn how to enter

How to enter

***The Raffle is closed***

Each ticket you buy increases your chance to win and all proceeds go toward helping maintain and improve I rely on your support to keep this site running!

Contest details:

This month’s raffle is possible because of a generous donation from The Bike Gallery. If you’d like to sponsor a monthly raffle, please get in touch via my contact form. The winning entry will be chosen at random through a rigorously scientific process (print all the names, put them in a bag, pick a name, voila! we have a winner).

Past Winners

Think you’ll never win? So did these guys:

Thank you for supporting!
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